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Genealogy forms are necessary to help us keep our work organized.

A Pedigree Chart is a person and their parents, grandparents, and greatparents. Of course, it can be carried back even farther and that is a genealogist's goal - to get back as far as possible with all information documented. A Pedigree Chart contains the basic information of: birth, marriage, and death - with date and location for each. For more detailed information, one completes a Family Group Sheet for each family.

A Family Group Sheet is a sheet of information for each family unit. It includes father, mother and all children. Birth, marriage, and death dates and locations for each are recorded. Other information that may be recorded is: christening, occupations, residences, church affiliations, father and mother's parents and the spouses of the listed children. The first Family Group Sheet [printable below] includes space for information on the parents and 3 children. For additional children make copies of Family Group Sheet #2.

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Pedigree Chart - 16K gif file
Family Group Sheet #1
Family Group Sheet #2

These forms can also be purchased at any area LDS Family History Center for a nominal fee or Everton Online Genealogical Supplies

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