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Village of New Milford, Illinois
Village Officials

Village Hall 6771 S 11th St Rockford Illinois 61109
PH: 815-874-7271 FAX 815-874-9376

President Bonnie L Beard 2816 Rotary Rd 874-7186 5/2003
Clerk/Treasurer Sharon Baumgartner 3737 Rotary Rd 874-6663 Appt
Trustee Rob Allard 209 Mercer Dr 874-0091 5/2003
Trustee Bonnie Duich 420 Murray Dr 874-0839 5/2003
Trustee Dale Johnson 206 Manderia Dr 874-5359 5/2005
Trustee Stan Weisensel 6934 11th 874-2392 5/2005
Trustee Marty Dial 116 Montgomery 874-0135 5/2003

Meetings are held the second Tuesday of the month at 7:00pm. Village officials are elected for four year terms. All persons listed below reside in New Milford [aka Rockford, 61109]

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