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Village of South Beloit Illinois
Village Officials

South Beloit City Hall 519 Blackhawk Blvd South Beloit Illinois 61080
815-389-3023 FAX 815-389-8830

Mayor William Frisbee 519 Blackhawk 389-3023 4/2003
Commissioner Robert Redieske, Sr     4/2005
Commissioner Larry Cullin 5165 Cheney Dr 389-3033 4/2005
Commissioner Fred Payson 636 Roscoe Ave 389-3684 4/2003
Commissioner Randy Kirichkow 346 Perry Ave 389-1531 4/2003
Commissioner Maurice Kehoe 344 Liston 389-3169 4/2003
Police Chief Jack Johnson c/o 519 Blackhawk 389-3491 Appt
City Clerk Marilyn Hartley c/o 519 Blackhawk 389-3023 Appt
Fire Chief Kenneth Morse c/o 519 Blackhawk 389-3097 Appt
Public Works Ray Barber c/o 519 Blackhawk 389-4448 Appt
Attorney Jeff Livingston c/o 519 Blackhawk 389-2209 Appt
Meetings are held the first and third Mondays of each month at 7:00pm
City officials are elected for four year terms.

Updated: 4.5.2001

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