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Jo Daviess County - Illinois
Map of its Townships

Jo Daviess County is in the far NW corner of the state of Illinois. It borders the Mississippi River on its west; which accounts for its odd looking west edge. Part of the border is near the shoreline of the Mississippi and in other areas it is farther out into the river itself. This encompasses occasional islands in the Mississippi. On the west side of the Mississippi is the state of Iowa. Jo Daviess County also borders Wisconsin on its north; Stephenson County on its east; and Carroll County on the south.

The Townships of Jo Daviess County, Illinois JoDaviessa.gif - 8264 Bytes

This is only a representation. Borderlines are often jagged and inconsistent, if you live in a borderline area, call the Jo Daviess County Voters Registration to find out which township you are in.

Jo Daviess County Census & Statistical Information
Jo Daviess County Cemeteries

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