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Winnebago County - Illinois
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Mission Statement:
It is our mission to provide high quality services and promote a safe community for all people in Winnebago County. [Illinois]

Winnebago County Service Directory
Departments and descriptions

Animal Services
Purchasing Department
Health Department
Forest Preserve
County Auditor
County Recorder
County Treasurer
Jury Commission
Zoning Department
Data Processing
County Coroner
Public Defender
Human Resources
            County Court Services
County State's Attorney
Regional Office of Education
County Highway Department
County Housing Authority
River Bluff Nursing Home
County Sheriff's Department
Supervisor of Assessments
Building Department
Planning & Economic Development
Winnebago County Clerk
Winnebago Circuit Clerk
Veteran's Assistance Commission

Other Winnebago County Information:
Winnebago County Elected & Appointed Officials
Winnebago County Board Districts Map
Winnebago County Townships Map
Winnebago County Senatorial Districts Map
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Winnebago County Health Department
The Winnebago County Health Department provides services designed to protect, promote and maintain the health of all Winnebago County residents. Such services involve collecting and analyzing vital statistics, controlling communicable diseases, diminishing environmental risks to health, providing maternal and child health services, adult personal health services and health education. The health department currently provides more than 175,000 contacts per year, making it the fourth largest health department in Illinois outside of Chicago.

Services are organized into seven divisions that address three primary goals: improving the length of useful life, reducing health disparities and assuring access to preventative health services for everyone. Some examples of specific services that are available include: Case Management Services, Women Infants and Children (W.I.C.), Travel Immunizations, Sexually Transmitted Disease Clinics, Communicable Disease Investigations and Surveillance, HIV/AIDS Counseling and Testing and Family Planning Services. Immunizations for both children and adults are offered. Cholesterol Screenings, Flu Shots, Hep B Immunizations and Health Education are among the variety of personal health services provided by the department.

Environmental Health Services include investigation of housing and nuisance complaints, and inspection of food service establishments, tanning spas, wells and septics. The lead program investigations lead base paint problems in residential housing.

Additionally the health department manages vital records such as birth and death certificates. Laboratory services include water testing and pollen counts. The department provides educational outreach including an Annual Family Health Fair and EArth Day Luncheon.

The Winnebago County Health Department is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. and offers various night clinics and special services.

uptotop.gif - 1017 Bytes Winnebago County Health Department
401 Division Street
Rockford, IL 61104 / 815-962-5092
Public Health Administrator - J. Maichle Bacon

Winnebago County Forest Preserve
The Forest Preserve District manages 36 individual forest preserves for the purpose of protecting the natural beauty of Winnebago County, as well as for education and recreation.

The Winnebago County Forest Preserve District provides over 7,500 acres of property for the use and enjoyment of the general public. The preserves include three 18-hole golf courses - Atwood, Ledges, and Macktown - which are open to the public from April until the end of October. Lush woods, picturesque streams, dramatic limestone cliffs, unspoiled prairies and and native wildlife are treasures to be enjoyed by residents and visitors. Hiking, camping, canoeing, picnicking, fishing, bird watching and cross-country skiing are recreational opportunities available at sites throughout the county. Four environmental education centers which are used by schools, and camps for nature education are part of the Forest Preserve District's properties.

There are 26 shelterhouses which may be reserved and used by groups for meetings, family outings, or just a relaxing afternoon outdoors.

The Forest Preserve District sells annual golf passes which permit use of all three county golf courses. Individuals may register private golf carts for annual use on the county courses. Through the same office equestrians may also register annually for use of equestrian trails.

Five areas are assigned for youth camps used and enjoyed by countless children every year. Annually, the Forest Preserve District coordinates many Living History events at Macktown Restoration Foundation and the four environmental education centers. One of the newest popular forest preserves is Klehm Arboretum and Botanic Garden which includes walking paths, unique gardens, an arboretum and the beautiful new Botanical Education Center. The Forest Preserve District also boasts a national historical site, Macktown.

The Forest Preserve District Offices are open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. They are also open for your convenience from 8:00 a.m. to noon the last two Saturdays in March and the first two Saturdays in April.

uptotop.gif - 1017 Bytes Winnebago County Forest Preserve
5500 Northrock Dr, Rockford, IL 61103 / 815-877-6100
Director - Thomas Kalousek

Winnebago County Clerk
The County Clerk's office performs several diverse administrative duties. The office is headed by an elected County Clerk and is one of the constitutional offices of the County. The duties of the Clerk's office can be divided into four main areas.

The County Clerk serves as the Clerk of the County Board and the Secretary of the Winnebago County Forest Preserve and is in charge of keeping a record of minutes, resolutions and ordinances of those two organizations.

The Clerk extend all taxes levied by various governing units of the County. In addition, the Clerk is charged with computing tax rates based on levies and assessed valuations filed by each individual taxing district and the Board of Review. The Clerk must make sure the rates used in calculating taxes are within the legal limits imposed by law and/or established by a vote of the people. The Clerk collects all delinquent taxes from properties that are sold or forfeited and issues tax deeds when required.

TheVital Records division of the Clerk's office processes marriage licenses, liquor licenses, hotel/motel licenses, amusement device licenses, assumed name certificates and notary public commissions. It also records births, deaths, and marriages that occur in the County and provides copies of those records for those who are eligible to have them.

Vital Records also maintains copies fo County ordinances and distributes and collects political ethics statements fro political candidates and office holders and economic interest statements from all government supervisory personnel.

The Clerk's Election Department handles all elections held in the County outside of Rockford. This involves a multitude of local village, city, township, school, park district, library district and county offices. The department registers voters, secures election judges, organizes all of the election equipment including voting machines and ballots, counts the ballots and announces the results.

uptotop.gif - 1017 Bytes Winnebago County Clerk
404 Elm St, Rockford, IL 61101
Vital Records 815-987-3050
Tax Extension and Redemption 815-987-3086
Elections 815-987-3088
Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
County Clerk - David F. Johnson

Winnebago County Circuit Clerk
The Circuit Court Clerk is a constitutional officer who is elected by the voters of Winnebago County. Duties of the Circuit Clerk are established by state statutes, as well as by rules set by the Illinois Supreme Court and Administrative Orders set forth by the Chief Judge of the 17th Judicial Circuit.

By law, the Circuit Clerk's primary function is to process and keep all court records and the court seal. The Clerk also collects all court costs, filing fees, fines and any other costs assessed by the court and makes distribution of the funds collected to the various municipalities and agencies involved. The Circuit Clerk's staff administers the twenty-four courts to assist the seven Circuit and thirteen Associate Judges in the daily functions of the court. The office is divided into four divisions: Traffic, Criminal, Family and Civil.

uptotop.gif - 1017 Bytes Winnebago County Circuit Clerk
400 W State St, Rockford, IL 61101 / 815-987-2510
Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Circuit Clerk - Marc Gasparini

The Veterans Assistance Commission of Winnebago County
The Veterans Assistance Commission provides assistance for shelter, food, personal hygiene and utilities for honorably discharged and under honorable conditions discharged veterans of Winnebago County. The office is located in the lower level of Memorial Hall.

uptotop.gif - 1017 Bytes The Veterans Assistance Commission of Winnebago County
215 N Main St, Rockford, IL 61101 / 815-987-2542
Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m - 11:00 a.m, and from 1:00 p.m to 2:00 p.m.
Superintendent of Veterans Assistance

Jury Commission
The Jury Commission office determines the eligibility of Winnebago County prospective jurors for service. It summons prospective jurors each week of the year. Prospective jurors are selected at random by computer from a combination of drivers license listings and voter registration. Jurors are summoned as grand, petit or coroner jurors.

The juror's obligation is one jury or one day. If the prospective juror is not picked for a jury on the day they are summoned, their obligation is fulfilled.

uptotop.gif - 1017 Bytes Jury Commission
400 W State St, Rockford, IL 61101
815-987-3058 / TTY 961-3276
Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m - 5:00 p.m.
Jury Administrator - Arline C. Gambla

Winnebago County Housing Authority
The Winnebago County Housing Authority was established to administer federal funds allocated for low income housing. It's composed of five commissioners appointed by the County Board who serve five-year terms without pay, with one new commissioner appointed each year. The Housing Authority is responsible for the 75-family units at Champion Park and an additional 250 elderly-handicap units: 150 at Collier Garden Apartments, 50 at Robert Johnson Gerden Apartments and 50 at L.J. D'Agnolo Garden Apartments. All county housing developments are managed by the Winnebago County Housing Authority and are subsidized by federal funds and rentals paid by the residents.

uptotop.gif - 1017 Bytes Winnebago County Housing Authority
2901 Searles Ave, Rockford, IL 61101
815-963-2133 / FAX 815-963-8731
Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m - 12:00 noon and 1:00 p.m - 4:30 p.m.
Housing Authority Director - Sarah J. Moyado

River Bluff Nursing Home
River Bluff Nursing Home is a 304-bed licensed skilled nursing facility. In addition to skilled nursing care, it provides sub-acute rehabilitation services; physical, occupational, speech, and respiratory therapies; hospice care; a specialty Alzheimer's unit; and parental services. It also provides social services, activities, dental, podiatric, pharmaceutical and x-ray services.

It's certifies for participation in the Medicare and Medicaid programs and provides skilled an intermediate nursing care and a specialty Alzheimer's/Dementia unit. Hospice care is also available within the facility through agreements with Visiting Nurses Association and Northern Illinois Hospice. The Elder Caregivers' Support Group meets every other month with programs to assist both the resident's family members and individuals from the Winnebago County community in meeting the challenges of caring for the elderly. River Bluff Nursing Home's office is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m - 4:30 p.m. Visiting hours are seven days a week from 10:00 a.m to 8:30 p.m. Admissions can be arranged seven days a week.

uptotop.gif - 1017 Bytes River Bluff Nursing Home
4401 N Main St, Rockford, IL 61103 / 815-877-8061
River Bluff Nursing Home Administrator - Phyllis Schwebke

Winnebago County Sheriff's Department
The Winnebago County Sheriff's Department provides law enforcement and correctional services to the citizens of Winnebago County. The office is also responsible for keeping the peace; suppressing riots; breaches of peace; apprehending criminals; and serving writs; warrants, summons, orders and decrees.

The Sheriff's Department offers a variety of services for the citizens of Winnebago County, crimes prevention and community services being the primary responsibilities of the department.

The department coordinates the Chaplaincy program for the county, providing advice and assistance to those in need, as well as a Crime Stoppers program that allows the community to be involved in the apprehension and monitoring of criminal activity.

After an individual is apprehended, the Corrections Bureau of the Sheriff's Department holds and works with that individual while he or she is serving time.

The Legal Process Division serves all writs, warrants, summonses, orders and decrees, and holds all records for those documents.

The County Records Division holds all information pertaining to incident reports, accident reports and traffic tickets for the county and Machesney Park.

To prevent some problems before they develop, the Sheriff's Department sponsors the D.A.R.E. Program designed to keep children free from the influences of drugs and alcohol. Patrolling and investigating also fall under the responsibility of the Sheriff's Department.

The department also provides R.U.O.K. and Seniors vs. Crimes Programs. Victim and witness programs are also recognized and coordinated through the Sheriff's office.

The Winnebago County Sheriff's Department administrative offices are open Monday through Friday from 8:00am - 5:00pm. The department also offers 24-hour emergency service through officers on patrol and officers monitoring the front desk.

uptotop.gif - 1017 Bytes Winnebago County Sheriff's Department
420 W State St, Rockford, IL 61101
815-987-5800 (non-emergency) / EMERGENCY NUMBER 9-1-1
Sheriff - Richard A. Meyers

Winnebago County Coroner
The Winnebago County Coroner conducts investigations to determine the cause and manner of death, pursuant to the Illinois State Statute. Investigations include the gathering of information, performance of autopsies and toxicological studies. The Coroner also conducts inquests of those deaths determined to be other than natural or deaths that are suspicious in nature. The Coroner is the Conservator of Peace and acts as the Sheriff is a vacancy should occur in that office.

uptotop.gif - 1017 Bytes Winnebago County Coroner
420 W State St., Rockford, IL 61101 / 815-987-5994
Monday through Friday from 7:00 a.m - 5:00 p.m.
County Coroner - Elizabeth "Sue" Fiduccia

Winnebago County Public Defender
The Public Defender's office is comprised of criminal defense litigation attorneys. These attorneys are responsible for representing and defending criminals assigned to them by the court. An indigent individual can ask the judge at the first court date to have the public defender appointed to the case. The judge then issues an affidavit of assets which is filled out by the individual and returned to the judge. The judge then decides if the Public Defender should be appointed.

uptotop.gif - 1017 Bytes Winnebago County Public Defender
420 W State St., Rockford, IL 61101 / 815-987-2536
Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m - 5:00 p.m.
Public Defender - Gary Pumilia

Winnebago County State's Attorney
The Winnebago County State Attorney's office has county-wide jurisdiction to prosecute alleged violations of the criminal statutes of Illinois. The staff consists of an elected state's attorney, 35 assistant state's attorneys and 25 support personnel, all of whom are hired by the state's attorney.

The office also has certain obligations to give legal advice to county officials and to defend the county against civil lawsuits. Assistant state's attorneys prosecute felony, misdemeanor and traffic offenses committed by adults, present delinquent and abuse and neglect petitions to the judge in Juvenile Court, advise county officials in legal matters, defend the county against civil lawsuits and assist in the involuntary commitment of mentally ill persons into a mental health facility.

uptotop.gif - 1017 Bytes Winnebago County State's Attorney
400 W State St., Rockford, IL 61101 / 815-987-3160
Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
State's Attorney - Paul Logli

Winnebago County Court Services
The Winnebago County Department of Court Services is comprised of three divisions: the Adult Probate Division, the Juvenile Probation Division and the Detention Division.

Both the Adult and Juvenile Probation Divisions provide supervision to individuals who have been ordered by the Court to abide by certain conditions as part of a sentence. Those conditions may include counseling, curfews, public service work and payment of restitution and fines. Other conditions are added as determined necessary by the Courts.

The Juvenile Probation Division also counsels minors who are not involved with the Courts, if requested by the minor's parent.

The Detention Division of the Winnebago County Department of Court Services is responsible for the care, custody and supervision of all minors (children charged with crimes committed before their 17th birthdays) held in secure custody. The 51-bed Detention Center located in the North Rock Industrial Park, Rockford, IL is designated for that purpose.

The following are the special programs of the various divisions. The Adult Probation Division" Public Services and Enhanced Sex Offender Supervision. Juvenile Probation Division: Public Service Work, Informal Supervision, Intensive Supervision, Specialized Sex Offender Counseling and the Juvenile Day Reporting/Assessment Center.

Programming at the Detention Center includes a Behavioral Management Program that involves the use of a Token Economy and Step Advancement (Shirt) system, Regular School classroom activity and Physical Education. The Department has been involved with the development and ongoing management of the Winnebago County Drug Court and is currently helping to develop a Domestic Violence Court.

Overall supervision of the Department is the responsibility of the Director of Court Services under the direction of the Chief Circuit Judge of the 17th Judicial Court.

The unified trial court in Illinois is the Circuit Court comprised of circuit and associate judges. The state is divided into 22 judicial circuits, each having one chief judge elected by the circuit judges.

The chief judge has general administrative authority in his or her circuit, subject to the overall administrative authority of the Supreme Court.

Circuit judges may hear any case assigned to them by the chief judge.

Associate judges may not preside over criminal cases in which the defendant is charged with an offense punishable by imprisonment for one year or more (felonies), unless approval is received from the Supreme Court.

The circuit judges are elected for a term of six years. Associate judges are appointed by the circuit judges in accordance with Supreme Court rules for a four-year term.

uptotop.gif - 1017 Bytes Winnebago County Court Services
401 Elm St., Rockford, IL 61101 / 815-987-3180
Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m - 5:00 p.m.
Detention Center 815-282-6878
Court Services Director - Vince Murphy

Regional Office of Education
The Boone-Winnebago Regional Office of Education acts as an advocate for education by providing leadership, performing regulatory functions as directed by the Illinois School Code and Illinois State Board of Education, coordinating and delivering state and local services and disseminating information to educators, school districts and the community.

Funds for the 13 school districts in the Boone-Winnebago region are allocated and monitored through this office.

The Regional Superintendent serves as the fiscal agent for the Regional Attendance Cooperative, used to improve the student attendance and prevent dropouts. The Regional Learning Center is an educational alternative for young people between the ages of 2 and 16. The Regional Learning Academy is and alternative program for students who have been expelled. CEANI is a vocational delivery system charged with the administration and coordination of vocational programs. KIDS is a cooperative whose focus is on school improvement through staff development and support services to educators in Boone, Winnebago, Dekalb and McHenry Counties.

The Regional Office is responsible for registering teacher certificates, providing school bus driver classes, administering GED tests and issuing GED certificates, monitoring school bus districts for compliance with Life/Safety Code, providing environmental workshops and field trips to the Regional Environmental Center and registering home school programs. In addition, the Regional Superintendent serves as the TRuant Officer for the two county area.

uptotop.gif - 1017 Bytes Regional Office of Education
300 Heart Blvd, Loves Park, IL 61111 / 815-636-3060
Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
Regional Superintendent - Richard Fairgrieves

Winnebago County Highway Department
The Winnebago County Highway Department has a staff of 59 full-time employees working in engineering, administration, construction and maintenance capacities.

Maintenance and upkeep of county roads are the primary responsibilities of the Highway Department. There are over 360 miles of county highways that the Highway Department maintains, Development, construction and maintenance of roads are services of the Highway Department benefiting county residents almost on a daily basis.

The Department is also responsible for bridges, culverts and traffic signals, in addition to snow plowing and pothole repair of county roads.

uptotop.gif - 1017 Bytes Winnebago County Highway Department
424 N Springfield Ave, Rockford, IL 61101 / 815-965-9431
Monday through Friday from 7:45 a.m. to 4:15 p.m.
County Engineer - Joseph Vanderwerff

Winnebago County Auditor
The County Auditor is the general accountant of the county and maintains a continuous internal audit of all county departments and financial systems. The Auditor's office audits and recommends payment of all county bills; processes payroll; approves all purchase orders; and provides financial information to the public, the County Board and all department heads within the County.

The Auditor provides general information for all the county officials and gives retirement and other employee benefit information to all county employees.

uptotop.gif - 1017 Bytes Winnebago County Auditor
404 Elm St., Rockford, IL 61101 / 815-987-2500
Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
County Auditor - W. Thomas Ross

Winnebago County Recorder
The County Recorder's office is the library of land records for Winnebago County. The office records approximately 115 types of documents including deeds, mortgages, assignments, releases, liens, plats and military discharges. The office also records all documents that comply with state statutes and affixes revenue stamps to all deeds. Any type fo document can be looked up by our staff and a copy issued for a fee. The Recorder's office does not do searches by telelphone.

uptotop.gif - 1017 Bytes Winnebago County Recorder
404 Elm St., Rockford, IL 61101 / 815-987-3100
Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
County Recorder - Ken Staff

Winnebago County Treasurer
The Treasurer is responsible for receipt and disbursement of county funds. Annual receipts include taxes collected, fees and fines from other county offices, motor fuel tax funds, state sales and income tax rebates, and replacement of tax funds. The Treasurer is responsible for the collection of real estate taxes, mobile home taxes, estate taxes, hotel/motel taxes, advance real estate taxes and the Senior Citizen TAx Deferral Program. A majority of all county funds are deposited with this office. The Treasurer also handles all county investments.

uptotop.gif - 1017 Bytes Winnebago County Treasurer
404 Elm St., Rockford, IL 61101 / 815-987-3010
Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
County Treasurer - Douglas R. Aurand

Winnebago County Supervisor of Assessments
The Supervisor of Assessments office assists township assessors in the performance of their duties and assists taxpayers with all property tax exemptions and inquiries regarding the tax cycle. It oversees the Board of Review in completing responsibilities such as preliminary decisions and hearings on property assessment complaints and oversees the Winnebago County GIS/Mapping Department. It provides public awareness and education of the assessment process for taxpayers and calculates and explains equalization factors. It notifies taxpayers of current year's assessments and assists with and processes Board of Review complaints. Exemption processing, assessment map creation and maintenance and taxpayer assistance regarding mapping also fall under the office of the Supervisor of Assessments.

uptotop.gif - 1017 Bytes Winnebago County Supervisor of Assessments Office
404 Elm St., Rockford, IL 61101 / 815-987-3024
Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Supervisor of Assessments - Beverly Campion

Winnebago County Building Department
The Winnebago County Building Department consists of a building official and seven building inspectors who cover more than 450 square miles, including all rural and unincorporated areas, as well as five incorporated cities and towns. The Building Department issues permits for new construction, additions, remodeling, replacement, repair and performance inspections.

uptotop.gif - 1017 Bytes Winnebago County Building Department
404 Elm St., Rockford, IL 61101 / 815-987-3090
Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Building Official - William Bodach

Winnebago County Planning and Economic Development
Planning and Economic Development is responsible for the development and maintenance of the long range plan. The plan is implemented through zoning changes; subdivision plats and capital improvements for roads, water mains and sanitary sewer; land acquisition and development. The purpose of the Planning and Economic Development office is to maintain and update the Year 2010 Land Use Guide, making zoning recommendations and addressing parcels. Subdivision Ordinance Administration, Economic Development Grants and selling maps also fall under the duties of the office.

uptotop.gif - 1017 Bytes Winnebago Co Planning and Economic Development
404 Elm St., Rockford, IL 61101 / 815-987-2506
Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Director - David Noel

Winnebago County Zoning Department
The Zoning office is established to assist citizens with a better understanding of zoning ordinance provisions, to provide a formalized process for initiating lawful changes in land use and to investigate suspected violations of zoning regulations.

The office administers changes to the zoning ordinance and map and investigates suspected violations of zoning regulations.

The office also works with landowners to achieve compliance with the official zoning map, which delineates the boundaries and arrangements of zoning districts.

uptotop.gif - 1017 Bytes Winnebago Co Zoning Department
404 Elm St., Rockford, IL 61101 / 815-987-3093
Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Zoning Officer - Corby Schmidt

Winnebago County Data Processing
The Winnebago County Data Processing Department serves Winnebago County by providing for the security, retention, backup and recovery of electronic information systems; and providing training, technical consultation and planning in the application of information technology.

The department also provides data processing services online in real time to all county offices and departments.

The Data Processing office is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. with computerized online services available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

uptotop.gif - 1017 Bytes Winnebago County Data Processing
404 Elm St., Rockford, IL 61101 / 815-987-2532
Data Processing Director - James L. Anderson

Winnebago County Human Resources Department
The Human Resources Department is responsible for policy development and program implementation designed to maintain and enhance working relationships for the employees of Winnebago County while achieving organizational objectives.

Human Resources' Services include recruitment, selection, orientation, training, OSHA, safety, bloodborne pathogens, AAP and EEOC compliance, ADA, CDL drug/alcohol program, and benefits and compensation administration.

uptotop.gif - 1017 Bytes Winnebago County Human Resources Department
404 Elm St., Rockford, IL 61101 / 815-987-3034
Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Director of Human Resources - LaDonna Hudson

Winnebago County Purchasing Department
The Winnebago County Purchasing Department does the purchasing for Winnebago. Interested companies wanting to do business with Winnebago County can contact this office.

uptotop.gif - 1017 Bytes Winnebago County Purchasing Department
404 Elm St., Rockford, IL 61101 / 815-987-3033
Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Purchasing Director - Sally Claassen

Other Winnebago County Information:
Winnebago County Elected & Appointed Officials

Winnebago County Maps:
Winnebago County Board Districts Map
Winnebago County Townships Map
Winnebago County Senatorial Districts Map
Winnebago County Representatives Districts Map

Winnebago County Census Information:
Winnebago County Statistical Information

Winnebago County Cemeteries

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