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What are Adult Stem Cells?
How can they improve my health

A new phytoceutical, "StemEnhance, is a patented concentrated isolate of two botanical components extracted from Aphanizomenon flos-alqae, which support the natural release and migration of stem cells in the body, thereby assisting in the maintenance of optimal health."

stemenhance-ad.gif - 6761 Bytes Stem cells are manufactured in the marrow of our bones. And they are critical in the repair and maintaining of our bodies. The uniqueness of stem cells is that they can be used by almost every part of the body that is ailing. For instance, stem cells are educated by your own body's cytokine cellular communication system. This is the same system that the immune cells pay attention to. These cytokine can educate the stem cells while they are still in the bone marrow or on their way to a problem in the body. For example, in the pancreas they become pancreatic stem cells, and stem cells needed in the liver become unique to the liver, etc..

I find it is interesting that even the bible mentions the marrow of the bones as being important for the maintaining of one's health... In Proverbs 3:8, it states "It shall be a health to thy navel, and marrow to thy bones."

Because of their immense potential, stem cells are continually in the news. Yet, there is a running controversy on whether it is ethical to use stem cells in medical experiments, even if their use might find a cure for debilitating diseases.

The ethical dilemma exists in the use of EMBRYONIC stem cells. Many people believe that using stem cells from embryonic tissue is tantamount to killing babies or at least using the substance that might have one day become a child, and thereby destroying that possibility.

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Yet, there are new options coming into the picture. One is using cord blood stem cells. This is from the umbilical cord after the birth of a child which in past years was discarded. For a fascinating story on the success of cord blood stem cells, check here. Note some of the complications that can occur when using stem cells from another person.

The newest direction is involving adult stem cells. Adult stem cells cannot be taken from one person and used in another. However, since our own bodies carry our own DNA, our own adult stem cells are a perfect match. Age and other factors contribute to a common dilemma with our own stem cells - they do not release as readily as we age. So, the problem lies in getting the body to release its own stem cells to do the job they were designed to do - repair physiological breakdowns in the body.

"StemEnhance supports the natural release and migration of stem cells in the body, thereby assisting in the maintenance of optimal health."

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