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Apartment Directories make a great first impression


New tenants and prospective tenants will be very impressed with a beautiful 8 1/2 by 11 laminated Apartment Directory designed and created specifically for your complex.

While this could be a very expensive and time-consuming project for an apartment owner, someone specializing in apartment and hotel guides can create apartment guides at no expense to the apartment owner and in most cases they'll deliver the finished books to you in less than two months.

How do they do it? While you're busy doing what you're best at the apartment business, they come in and do what they are best at --Networking!

Your apartments are surrounded by businesses who are interested in your tenants. Those businesses want your tenants to use their restaurants, visit their shops, work for their companies, etc. Your "site coordinator" will call on these business owners with the opportunity to advertise in your apartment directory.

Your coordinator explains to the businesses that the books are given to your tenants upon moving into your apartments, and that this book is an excellent first chance to reach these people and to interest them in their business. Statistics revealing the results businesses typically see from an ad in an apartment directory will ensure the coordinator success in selling ads for your directory.

Free Directories?
Yes, the cost of the production of these books is actually paid in full by the advertisers. What this means to you, as the apartment owner, is your directories are free!

What's in a directory?
In a typical 12 page book, there are 5 pages of ads. This leaves about 6 pages (plus the cover) for you to introduce yourselves to the tenant, post important phone numbers and include area information such as; local churches, hospitals, government offices, attractions, etc. Also included is an area map that pin points each of the advertisers.

The books are updated yearly, with a minimum of one and one half times the number of apartments provided free. Extra copies can be provided at a minimal charge.

Why create an Apartment Directory?

  • It is a terrific service for new and existing tenants
  • It is a great advertising tool
  • It puts all the information in one place
  • It is a great networking tool for working with your business neighbors

Why allow a professional to create your directory?

  • It saves you time and money of creating your own directory

Wow! Apartment Directories are a win-win-win-win situation for the owner-tenant-business owner and site coordinator!

Corky Foiles, President & owner of T&M Enterprises, runs a successful Apartment & Hotel Guest Book company, representing the northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin area. Corky has 15 years of experience in the publishing, sales and marketing industry. A native of Chicago, she now resides in Roscoe, Illinois with her husband and two daughters. Reach Corky at 815-623-6142 or Email

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