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Use the Internet
to Track Down Lease Skippers

Using current technology to track down residents who skip out of their leases owing you back rent is easier than you think and can put thousands of dollars back into your community's bank account. Using the older methods of finding these deadbeat residents proved to be costly, but now there's a powerful tool owners can use the Internet. Using Internet directories is free. So, with just a little basic instruction, in just a few minutes you could track down that deadbeat and recover the money owed to you.

Different Sites Available
There are actually many different websites dedicated to helping you find an old friend or acquaintance or in your case a "lease skipper". Internet databases cover cities and states throughout the United States. The information you can glean from the search will be meager only an address and telephone number but it will be enough to satisfy your needs.

As far as getting an Email address, you will probably get a list of Emails any one of which might be the one you're looking for but then again they may not have their Email address listed at all.

Step 1: Choose one of the listed Internet addresses [ URLs].

Step 2: Follow the instructions on the screen.
Don't include the resident's middle name or initial. If your search comes up empty the first time, try running the search again with the "City" and "State" sections left blank.

Step 3: Check your results.
The screen will list the address and phone number for each person who matches the name you typed in. Maps and directions are available at most sites.

Different sites may come up with slightly different information. So don't give up after one unsuccessful search. If the resident is a member of an organization, such as the National Rifle Association, EAA or an education association, try running an "Advanced Search" by clicking "Advanced Search" after clicking on "Find a Person by Name". You can search through several national organizations' directories which [if they list members names] could lead you to the address or phone number you're looking for.

Connie Eccles is a researcher, writer, webmaster and web designer for the popular Midwest website www.ComPortOne.com. She also is Assistant Editor for Rockford Apartment Association Newsletter, RAA of Rockford Illinois.

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