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Rob Foellinger has been succeeding on the frontlines of the multi-family housing industry for 20 years and is a nationally-recognized marketing consultant specializing in rapid recovery of underperforming properties, as well as a highly-respected advanced consultative sales trainer, strategist and author. Rob is presently one of America's foremost authorities on apartment resident opinions and perceptions, as well as highly-advanced sales tactics. Over the years, he has earned a reputation for providing hard-hitting, no-nonsense, university-quality training.

He has been a featured speaker at more than 55 major apartment associations across the United States as well as the National Apartment Association and Multi-Housing World national conventions.

Rob holds Bachelor of Science Degrees in both Marketing and Finance as well as his M.B.A. from Indiana University. He will complete the course of study for his Ph.D. in Business in 1998. In addition, he holds a Degree in Administrative Law and is a Bank Director.

For six years, Rob was Statewide Program Administrator for the Indiana State Housing Board, operating more than 29,000 apartment units throughout the state. He later served as Portfolio Manager for Sterling Management and was responsible for the operation of 62 apartment communities. In 1987, he joined Oxford (NHP) Management as an Administrative Property Manager and National Marketing Manager with a portfolio of more than 48,000 apartments and 8 senior living communities in 26 states. Six years later, he assumed the responsibilities of National Marketing Director for The Regency Windsor Companies. In 1994, Rob began serving as President of MarkeTactics Consulting Group, a highly-specialized progressive consulting and training corporation for the multi-family housing industry.

The Training Reviews are in!!!
"Extremely powerful material...dynamite presentation!"
Anne Sadovsky, Anne Sadovsky & Associates

"Tremendous new training resource...really amazing new ideas!"
Jennifer Nevitt, Ellis-Trick Management

"A brilliant new training resource for our industry!"
Cynthiann King, Equity Residential

"He's done his homework and it shows! You're going to love Rob!"
Toni Blake Cline, Blake Cline Productions

"Rob's a mixture of Robin Williams, Tom Peters and the best teacher you ever had!"
Toni Sim, Sunlake Properties

"Exceptional presentation! Responses received from the audience were outstanding!"
Cara Johnson, Houston Apartment Association

"A true master trainer! Pure information without all the fluff you find in many programs!"
Bobby Torres, Publisher, Denver Apt. Shoppers Guide

"WOW! Absolutely incredible training! Just what our industry needs...a truly effective new approach to leasing!"
Tracey Hopkins, Director of Marketing, The Walden Co.

"Totally aggressive! I'm just glad my competitors weren't at this seminar!"
Suzanne Eckard, Tri Mark Management

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