If the Horse You're Riding is Dead ...Get Off!

Notice any changes in your life lately? That's a silly question considering that change has become the norm, the rule, the expected, in all our lives. As a matter of fact... it's guaranteed! The way you did your job last week becomes questionable this week and obsolete next week! We all know it yet still feel surprised, even resist it, when things change around us. In fact some people dig in their heels, and declare it was okay the way we've always done it, only to be left behind. These are the folks trying to ride dead horses!

Here are some dead horses. As you read further, look at yourself personally as well as the way your property operates.

It is a dead horse to refer to someone's home as their "unit". I know, I know we've said it for years, but you're still doing it! Why can't we burn that one along with tenant and complex?

This one has drawn it's last breath: the "all adult" mentality. Since 1988 we've allowed children on our properties, but "allow" is as far as we've gone. What are you doing to celebrate the children? We buy welcome gifts with only the adults in mind, we plan social activities for the adults, we have adult "play " areas, (i.e. spa & exercise facility) but what specifically is for the under 18 set?

Are you tied to the saddle on this one? We budget big bucks for turn over and zero for retention! It is proven the costs are 5 times higher to attract a new customer than to retain the existing one! Put a pencil to it... see for yourself.

What color are the dead horses in your head? We continue to be prejudice toward people of color, the handicapped, and those whose sexual preference may be different from our own. My question is simple; What do you care? When people can meet your qualifying criteria, what difference does it make? Get over it! Surely we were created different from one another to prevent boredom and to learn from one another - not so we would hate one another.

One of the deadest horses is motivation by fear. You know .... the memo that states, "Firing will continue until morale improves". In a recent college survey, people were asked why they worked and why they worked to excel! Answers were: to learn, to grow, to make a contribution, to receive recognition, to develop a support group of peers, and last... for money. Note that there are four reasons before pay. One of those is recognition and praise. All of us perform our best around those who expect the best from us, then pat us on the back when we meet those expectations.

The youth movement is deader than a door knob. 76 million Americans will be over 45 in the year 2000. Who are you hiring to lease to, and manage, the homes of mature Americans?

And deader than dead is negative thinking! It has been proven without a doubt that there is a law of attraction... what you think about, what you focus on, is what you get! If all we see is what's wrong, how can we get focused on what's right? A definition of insanity is doing the same things over expecting different results. In other words if you want things to be different, you have to do things differently. So climb off your dead horse and saddle up new and improved ones. You'll be amazed at the smoother more profitable ride!

by Anne Sadovsky
one of Multi-housing's foremost marketing and motivational speakers.

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