Drugtesting Apartment Residents?

In the January issue of Multi housing News the editor wrote a brief article about an apartment community in Ohio has begun a policy of drug testing every apartment applicant. The article discussed constitutional rights to protection from search and seizure, plus fair housing protection of recovering addicts. Yet, because the testing is voluntary, the property is pursuing the program.

Shocking? Perhaps! Yet look at the results - More than 1000 people applied to live on the property of 167 apartment homes when the word got out! Obviously most people really don't want to live in a drug infested environment, and will endure drug testing themselves to avoid it!

What do I think? It's about time! The American public has got to take a stand. It appears that our government continues to give more protection to the abuser than the abused.

We know first hand what happens to an apartment community when it becomes over-run with users, pushers and manufacturers of any illegal substance. The reputation goes, the good resident s go , the NOI goes and the staff operates in fear. Next thing you know, the property is a slum; windows broken, fires daily, and the few residents left don't pray their rent.

Not a pretty picture, but it is real world . I personally will be watching the progress of our brave peers in Ohio... And while I'm watching I'll be cheering them on and saying a prayer for their success. I'll keep you posted!

by Anne Sadovsky
one of Multi-housing's foremost marketing and motivational speakers.

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