Your Success in the 21st Century

Do you realize that in practically every field of endeavor, 20% of the people are responsible for 80% of the results? And the remaining 80% are responsible for only 20% of the results? Those are pretty unequal results in a society offering equal opportunity.

The 20% who are the producers are the ones who place the greatest importance on their success. They are the go-getters who work smart rather that hard and strive for more success every day.

One basic ingredient that successful people possess is a strong self image. Author and psychiatrist William Glasser says, "The self image of every human being is the radical determining factor of all his/her behavior. True and realistic self esteem is the basic element in the health of any human personality. People act, and especially relate to, other people in accordance with the way they think of and feel about themselves."

Growing up in a positive environment helps create a positive self image. Those who are not so fortunate can improve a negative self image. Here's how:

First you must put your ego in a glass house and evaluate yourself with the following questions:

  1. Where am I now? How do I describe myself in terms of commitment, energy, optimism and knowledge?
  2. How do I think others see and describe me? What kind of image do I project? Am I a good role model?
  3. What is my ideal self image? What are my goals in both my personal and business life?
  4. Most important, why is there a gap between where I am now and where I want to be? And what am I doing to close that gap?

Next, realize that your self image and your success are truly matters of behavior. After age seven the personality does not change, but with effort behavior can. The starting point is to determine what kind of behavior depicts success and a good self image. Once you decide, it becomes a matter of practice and positive self talk. Stay conscious every day of overcoming old behavior patterns and have the courage to ask for feedback from family, friends and associates.

Next, consider your public image. Look the part of a successful business person at all times. It is not vain for a man or woman to read a book on wardrobe planning, personal grooming and etiquette. You can learn how to buy professional attire on a budget, how to groom yourself and how to conduct yourself in a professional manner.

Your public image must exude self confidence, a great deal which comes from knowledge. Self confidence allows you to speak with authority and show others that you are an executive. After all, when you are responsible for marketing, managing and maintaining a sizable investment, you are in an executive position.

Other key ingredients are a positive attitude and the ability to stimulate your team. When one does his or her very best, then all works out for the best. Sound too simple? Try it.

The ability to help others be motivated is not a special gift to a select few. It can be learned. Don't stop with merely knowing "What" others do. Don't be satisfied with just knowing "Why" they do it. Go much further by finding out what "Causes" them to do it. We are motivated by our wants, not our needs. People truly do best at what they want to do and enjoy doing. Find their hot button. Eighty five percent of us are motivated by recognition. Give praise for job well done and become a "want" creator.

Next, stay current on what is happening in our field. Attend every available training session and listen with a open mind. Over come resistance to change and try new ideas. Saying "we have always done it this way" only stands in the way of your success. Read newspaper and magazine articles pertaining to our industry and stay current on changes. Fair housing laws continue to change and require a great deal of your attention. Do regular market research, stay informed about the competition and borrow marketing and advertising ideas from other industries.

Set personal and business goals. Define the money and the position you want and set a time limit for accomplishment. Put your goals in writing and examine them periodically. Be realistic, reevaluate and change your goals from time to time as you grow.

Smart work has to be the greatest factor in success. Being organized, having enthusiasm for every task, and doing more than you are expected to do are key ingredients. A great deal gets done and done right when you are organized. Make a list of things to do tomorrow, in order of importance, before leaving your office each evening. Too many people spend the first half hour of every day trying to figure out what needs to be done, and when. The list allows you better use of that valuable time and effort.

Last, but far from least, be fair with your team members. Keep your ego in tow, give people credit for their ideas and achievements, never making yourself look good at someone else's expense. Remember that the world is a mirror and gives back a reflection of our own thoughts, beliefs and enthusiasm.

In closing, here is my definition of success "To have what you want when you want it, to do what you want to, to go where you want when you want to, while meeting all of your obligations and responsibilities, while growing to your full potential as a human and spiritual being, while at the same time helping others do the same thing along the way."

by Anne Sadovsky
one of Multi-housing's foremost marketing and motivational speakers.

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