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Yes you can choose to make your buildings smokefree!

  1. People who smoke are not protected by state and federal anti-discrimination laws.
  2. It is legal to advertise an apartment as "smokefree".
  3. It is legal to ask tenants to acknowledge in the lease or month-to-month rental agreement that they do not and will not smoke. In a month-to-month rental agreement, the tenant agrees that if they begin smoking, they will move in thirty days.
  4. Only 18% of California adults are still smoking, and 70-90% want to quit.

    Suggestions for creating a smokefree building in an apartment complex with more than one building

    • Begin with a survey of existing buildings. Inform tenants that certain buildings in the complex will be established as smokefree buildings in order to accommodate tenants with special needs. Ask tenants if they wish to reside in a smokefree building. Identify which buildings have the most tenants desiring a smokefree building. (If the survey is done door-to-door, it will be easier to identify which tenants smoke.)
    • Select the building which has the fewest tenants who smoke as the building which will become smokefree.
    • Identify apartments in other buildings which are comparable to the apartments occupied by tenants who smoke.
    • Offer the tenants who smoke the opportunity to move to a newly refurbished unit, comparable to the one they already occupy. As an added inducement, offer to pay half the moving costs.
    • Smokefree buildings will require less maintenance over the long term. Apartments in smokefree buildings will be easier and less expensive to prepare for new tenants.

Preparing for tenants who smoke

  1. Many apartment owners already require an additional security deposit for small pets. Apartment owners could also impose an additional cleaning fee when renting an apartment to a new tenant who smokes.
  2. Establish a smokefree policy in enclosed common areas of all buildings in the complex. Swimming pools and barbecue areas could also be designated smokefree.
  3. These policies can help reduce friction between tenants, since many are very conscious of the hazards of secondhand smoke.

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