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God Plants Tomatoes

It was a long, wet spring in northern Illinois, so, by mid-May when my garden would normally have been planted, this year, it wasn't to be so. When the spring rains finally subsided, a slight chance to put in a garden still existed, but an anouncement from my eldest daughter consumed most of my time. She had become engaged to be married. In choosing a wedding date, it was obvious they didn't want to wait a year to get married. Instead, they chose to be married at the end of June.

The amount of time dedicated to the arrangements of a wedding is significant and even more so when the planning time is shortened to less than two months. Beginning with finding a date that would accomodate their work schedule, reserving the chapel, locating a reception hall and arranging for the reception and entertaiment - it is a time-consuming and hectic time for all involved. And to top it off, because of her work schedule she was unable to do most of the arrangements. She asked me to take care of the arrangements. I believe God was right along side me assisting with the arrangements because everything fell into place quickly and smoothly.

But alas, I had no time to put in a garden, not even a small one. And I just wanted tomatoes. There is nothing better than tomatoes fresh from the garden, but this year it wasn't to be so. ...Or so I thought. Imagine my surprise when finally finding the time to walk in the back yard, I saw huge plants that I assumed were weeds growing profusely in my garden plot. On closer inspection, I discovered the "weeds" were actually tomatoes growing. However, I hadn't planted any tomatoes. I didn't have time. I thought for a moment and had a very warm feeling consume me. ...God had planted my garden. Some would account it to last year's seeds left over, but I knew in my heart as sure as I was standing there that God had taken care of my garden so I could help Jenny with her wedding.

And God's tomatoes were abundant. There were also the most beautiful, sweetest and the best tasting tomatoes I have ever had.

Connie Eccles, CEO of ComPortOne

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