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The Parables
Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ told numerous parables as recorded in the New Testament of the Holy Bible. According to the dictionary a parable is a story designed to teach a moral. Ah, but they are so much more. Depending upon the level of understanding a parable can be just a simple story or an elaborate display of God's love for us. As our understanding of God deepens so do new levels of understanding of his parables occur. The following parables are beautiful expressions of God's love for each and every one of us. Many of the parables in the book of Matthew are repeated in slightly different versions and recorded by other disciples - in Mark, Luke or John.

Scroll down to desired verse or parable. Or select from the following books of the bible: Matthew - Mark - Luke - John

The Gospel of St. Matthew contains the following parables:

Matthew 7: 24-27
Matthew 13: 3-23
Matthew 13: 24-30
Matthew 13: 31-32
Matthew 13: 33
Matthew 13: 44
Matthew 13: 45-46
Matthew 13: 47-50
Matthew 18: 12-14
Matthew 18: 23-35
Matthew 20: 1-16
Matthew 21: 28-32
Matthew 21: 33-44
Matthew 22: 1-14
Matthew 24: 32
Matthew 25: 1-13
Matthew 25: 14-30
            The Wise and the Foolish Builders
The Sower
The Tares
The Mustard Seed
The Leaven
The Hidden Treasure
Pearl of Great Price
Drawing in the Net
The Lost Sheep
Unmerciful Servant
Laborers in the Vineyard
The Two sons
The Wicked Husbandman
Marriage of the King's Son
Leafing Fig Tree
The Ten Virgins
Ten Talents

The Gospel of St. Mark contains the following parables:

Mark 4: 1-20
Mark 4: 26-29
Mark 4: 30-32
Mark 12: 1-12
Mark 13: 28-29
Mark 13: 34-37
            The Sower
Seed Growing Secretly
The Mustard Seed
The Wicked Husbandman
The Leafing Fig Tree
Man Going On a Far Journey

The Gospel of St. Luke contains the following parables:

Luke 7: 41-47
Luke 8: 5-15
Luke 10: 30-37
Luke 11: 5-8
Luke 12: 16-21
Luke 12: 35-40
Luke 13: 6-9
Luke 13:18-19
Luke 13: 20-21
Luke 14: 3-7
Luke 14: 15-24
Luke 15: 8-10
Luke 15: 11-32
Luke 16: 1-9
Luke 16: 19-31
Luke 18: 1-8
Luke 18: 9-14
Luke 19: 11-27
Luke 20: 9-18
            The Two Debtors
The Sower
The Good Samaritan
The Friend at Night
The Rich Fool
Servants Waiting for Their Lord
The Barren Fig Tree
The Mustard Seed
The Leaven
The Lost Sheep
The Great Supper
Lost Money
The Prodigal Son
The Unjust Steward
The Rich Man and the Beggar Lazarus
The Importunate Widow
Pharisee and the Publican
Parable of the Pounds
The Wicked Husbandmen

The Gospel of St. John contains the following parables:

John 10: 11-18
John 15: 1-5
            Good Shepherd
The Vine

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