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I Could Do Anything
If I Only Knew What It Was

by Barbara Sher

I Could Do Anything ...If I Only Knew What It Was is a self-discovery into your inner dreams and identifying the road blocks that stand in your way of achieving them.

Filled with insight and exercises [yes, you have to do some work], you are walked through techniques to turn your dreams into reality. There are even exercises for those who don't remember how to dream.

The extensive research is apparant in the chapter headings.

  • What are you supposed to be doing?
  • How to get lucky
  • Resistance, or what's stopping you, anyway?
  • The sure thing
  • Fear of success: Leaving the ones you love behind
  • I want too many things: I'm all over the map
  • On the wrong track and moving fast
  • I want something I shouldn't want - It's trivial or unworthy
  • Help! I'm not ready to be born yet
  • Regrouping: It's a whole new ball game
  • I've lost my big dream - There's nothing left
  • Nothing ever interests me
  • A rage against the ordinary
  • The red herring, or trying hard to love something you don't really want
An interesting book ...yet, the 18 chapter [A Rage Against the Ordinary] was undoubtedly my favorite. It is an exercise in honoring the "inner brat" that we all carry within. Enlightening and humourous, most of us are bound to recognize something in ourself. You shake your head in disbelief realizing the amount of energy you've spent feeding your past. Invaluable in helping you identify the problems ... even better, "I Can Do Anything..." gives concrete methods on getting on with your life and turning your dreams into reality.

About the author: Barbara Sher is a therapist and career counselor who has presented her seminars and workshops on Success Teams, Creativity Groups and Communications Teams to people all across America. She's appeared on national and local radio and television. Barbara regularly publishes articles in Mirabella, Elle, Connoisseur, The Washington Post.

$19.95 Delacorte Press

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