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The Ten Commandments
The Significance of God's Laws in Everyday Life

Dr. Laura Schlessinger with Rabbi Stewart Vogel

Written in a style that is Dr. Laura's trademark. Schlessinger goes through each of the Ten Commandments and explains its meaning and why it still applies to today's people. She reminds us that a commandment is not a "suggestion" but a law - a law that will carry dire consequences if broken. While Schlessinger and her co-writer Rabbi Stewart Vogel are in fact of the Jewish faith, Christians will find Schlessinger's point of view refreshingly poignant.

The Ten Commandments were given to God's people at the time of Moses [Exodus, Chapter 20 - Old Testament of the Bible]. At that time, God's chosen people were those of the Jewish faith. Four hundred years later, after the birth, life and crucifixion of Christ, the Chrisitian faith was born. The Ten Commandments are important for Christians as well as for Jews.

Dr. Laura's advice on life and guidelines for choosing the path of righteousness are sorely needed in a world devoid of values. She advises that the only truely happy and contented person are those that put God first in their lives. And she tells us how to do it.

Beautifully put in their own words: "The Ten Commandments incorporates lively discussion of the Bible and Judeo-Chrisitan values derived from it. Filled with passion, emotion, and profound insights, it will move, enlighten, inspire, entertain, and educate you on the meaning each commandment has in our daily lives today."

$14.00 in paperback. A tad expensive for a paperback but this one is worth the price.

A copy of The Ten Commandments given to Moses by God.

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