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Life On the Edge
A Young Adult's Guide to a Meaningful Life

by Dr. James Dobson

Written for the young adult, Dr. James Dobson does it again. His no-nonsense, right-to-the-point style is well appreciated by a extremely busy and hectic reader who just wants the facts. Of course, his facts, are enhanced with stories and anecdotes that accentuate the reason he wrote the book in the first place - to help struggling youth in our frustrating world.

In a world devoid of values, it is essential that our youth have a source of light and truth from which to draw. Dobson gives advice on surviving the difficult teen years and guidelines on choosing a future that will take into consideration talents and abilities not just financial aspirations. He advises that the only truely happy and contented person are those that put God first in their lives. And he tells us how to do it.

He includes the turbulent teens and the power struggle so many go through. Dobson dedicates two entire chapters to dating and the games people play. He encourages honesty and realistic expectations. A chart for healthy and unhealthy relationships reinforces his points. Yet another chapter concentrates on relationships between parents and their adult children. Dobson encourages them to move out and build a life of their own. Check this list of his chapter headings, it will reassure you that Dobson, indeed, covers it all.

  • Blast Off or Blow Up? [controlling anger]
  • The Courtroom of the Mind [perspective]
  • For the Love of Money [setting priorities]
  • The Powerbrokers [power is fleeting]
  • Questions from the Edge [taken from an actual teen seminar]
  • The Keys to Lifelong Love [dating and choosing a love for life]
  • Love Must Be Tough [surviving the ups and downs of dating]
  • Getting Along With Your Parents [need I say more?]
  • Emotions: Friend or Foe [emotions can be deceiving]
  • The Hallway of Doors [making choices]
  • Farther Down the Hallway [consquences of our choices]
  • More Questions from the Edge [taken from a teen seminar]
  • Choosing a College [go to one that reinforces your Christian values]
  • When God Doesn't Make Sense [trusting God]
  • Answering Eternal Questions [God's hand is in all things]
  • Thirty-Eight Values to Live By [principles drawn from a lifetime of experience]
This book is a keeper!

Keep reading!

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