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Emotional Intelligence
Why it can matter more than IQ

Daniel Goleman

Is having a high IQ indicative of future success? Not necessarily.

Goleman's research studies the factors at work when those with high IQs flounder and those with only modest IQs excel. These factors respresent another way of being smart - one Goleman refers to as "emotional intelligence".

A lack of emotional intelligence can sabotage even the achievements of the highest of IQs, while a person with mediocre intelligence but high in EQ can dramatically increase the level of success - in relationships, marriage, the workplace and in all aspects of life.

Having a low EQ takes its toll not only on the aboved mentioned life experiences but may show up as depression, eating disorders, aggressiveness, and other undesirable and anti-social behaviors.

After all the bad news ... there is some good. Goleman believes that emotional intelligence is not "fixed at birth". He gives instructions and examples on how we can as parents and teachers help our children improve their emotional intelligence thereby improving their lives and opportunities. For those of us past the age of adolescene, it is also possible to make improvements and changes in our lives.

This book gives other qualities besides just intelligence recognition for their importance. Keep reading!

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