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The Gift of Fear
Survival Signals That Protect Us From Violence

Gavin de Becker

Gavin de Becker, the nation's leading expert on predicting violent behavior, insists that fear is a gift that when recognized and used properly will alert us to impending danger. By tapping into our insticts, we can predict [and therefore avoid] violent aggression.

De Becker shares his own life experiences as well as those of many others that can help us see how the use of our God-given intuition can incredibly improve our odds to not become yet another statistic of the Department of Justice. Some of these stories are sure to bring a "hair standing on the back of the neck" response, while others you might say "Well, of course, I would never do that." [It's always easier for others to see things more clearly.]

I love the fact that De Becker tells us that it is okay to be rude; it's okay to say "no" and mean it. Contrary to what society teaches us, we know have permission [and the responsibility] to protect ourselves and our families.

There are chapters and stories on the dangers and predictors in dating, strangers, work place violence, and domestic violence. De Becker cautions us to pay attention to what he calls "The Messsengers of Intuition" such as:

  • Nagging feelings
  • Persistent thoughts
  • Humor
  • Wonder
  • Anxiety
  • Curiousity
  • Hunches
  • Gut feelings
  • Doubt
  • Hesitation
  • Suspicion
  • Apprehension
  • Fear
Read The Gift of Fear - Survival Signals. You owe it to yourself.

Gavin De Becker
Little, Brown & Company, New York

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