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The Life of Christ

by Frederic W. Farrar

If you truely want to follow Christ, it is imperative to learn of Him and this is the definitive book on Christ. Originally published in 1874 and declared "by far the most able and worthy work of its kind ever written in English."

Farrar's extensive study of the four gospels, his knowledge of Greek and familiarity of the "holy lands" enable him to trace Christ's life from His birth in Bethlehem to His resurrection and ascension. Farrar writings are both vivid and reverent. His style appeals to the scholar and yet is understood by the common man [or woman].

The preface is written by Frederic W. Farrar, himself, explaining his innermost promptings and desires that led him to this wonderful and fulfilling undertaking. It is easy to see Farrar is a believer in Christ and wishes to share his inspired insight with others.

About the author: Frederic W. Farrar, acclaimed English theologian, was born in 1831. He attended Trinity College, Cambridge and later accepted an assistant mastership at Harrow School. He was ordained a Priest in the Anglican Church in 1857. A believer - he authored The Life of Christ [1874], of which thirty editions were produced [within 30 years]. He also wrote The Witness of History to Christ [1871], and The Life and Works of St. Paul [1879]. In 1876 he became canon of Westminster Cathedral and archdeacon in 1883.

This is a very long, deep book which requires quiet surroundings and a reflective and spiritual mood to gain the full benefit, it is a book you'll want to keep on your shelf to refer back to often. It is a keeper!

744 pages; Bookcraft - Salt Lake City 1994
ISBN 0-88494-939-7 First published in 1874;
Cassell & company, Limited, London, England

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