Local High School Porn Site?

In February 2000, a porn site on the Internet was revealed to be drawing unwanted attention to a small town in northern Illinois. Rockton, a small but growing village was shocked to find a porn site using their local high school as a backdrop to market its sleeze.

While Hononegah High school was not mentioned, it is the only high school in the area. Law enforcement and school administration have investigated the possibility of the porn site being run by students or staff. The concern was valid since the site claimed the girls worked on the site until they graduated from high school. The site also extends an invitation from the girls portrayed to "stop by and visit the school".

The high school administration could not identify any of the girls as students [current or past] of Hononegah. However, further investigation revealed that the host of the domain site, was once a student a Hononegah. He is under investigation for running a porn site. He has maintained he is innocent claiming he is just hosting the domain. The investigation is continuing and charges may follow.

The frenzy created at the high school was real. Concern about student safety was expressed and measures were taken to ensure that unwelcome visitors did not show up at the school. Under pressure, the site removed any reference to the Village of Rockton or its high school to prevent any future damage to the reputation of the community and school.

Editor's Note: The host can hardly claim innocence of knowing what was on the site since he set up the domain name and the domain name contained the word slut within its URL. To imply that the local high school was involved to increase the number of visitors [and thereby customers] to its site, was irresponsible and dishonest. While it is unlikely that most people would accept the phoney invitation to visit the school, it is not impossible, considering all the disturbed and sick people in our society. It will be interesting to see how far the law will be able to go to prosecute the offenders - the creator of the site, the webmaster and the person who hosts the domain. I'll keep you posted.

Connie Eccles, CEO of ComPortOne

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