Rehearsal and Rehearsal Dinnerbells

The rehearsal is customarily held the day [or if particpants work and cannot get off, the weekend] before the wedding. Everyone participating in the wedding service should be in attendance, including ushers, flower girl, ring bearer, readers, soloist, musicians and the minister or officiant. Oh, and don't forget the parents ....especially if they are part of the service.

Note: If the bride is using an unusually long veil in the wedding it may require some extra attention at the service and practicing at the rehearsal is advisable.

The rehearsal dinner is usually held immediately after the rehearsal. It is an opportunity for the families to get to know each other. The participants in the rehearsal are invited to the rehearsal dinner with the following exceptions: you may choose to invite grandparents or special relatives who are not in the ceremony itself and in regards to the flower girl and ring bearer - most should not attend unless they are old enough to enjoy it. However, you should include their parents on the guest list.

The rehearsal dinner can be an elaborate affair or as simple as a bar-b-que. It depends entirely on personal preference and finances available. Long gone are the days which dictate only a few choices a couple and their families may choose from.

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