ComPortOne's - Add Business INFO PAGE
Let people know more about your business by having your business name in the ComPortOne Midwest Business Directory link to your INFO PAGE.

Required information must include:
       Name, address, phone and a brief description.

Optional information may include:
       Business hours, fax, email, website URL and even a map.

Remember, CPO requires you to include a brief description as to the nature of your business and the products you sell and/or services you provide.

Please fill in the blanks below with the correct information. Correct spelling and puncuation, please. Also do NOT use all caps or capitalize every word in the sentence. We reserve the right to edit the information submitted.
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Your Business Information
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  If you have a web site for your business you may include it below.
  Give the complete address. i.e.
Home Page URL http://
Yellow Page Listings
  Please tell us what categories in the yellow pages you would like to be   listed under. You may choose up to five. If you choose a category that
  does not pertain to your business it will not be used and your application
  may be rejected.

  If you wish you can add some keywords.
  These are words seperated by commas that will go into the
  Meta Keywords of your new INFO PAGE. These are the words someone
  might type in their web browser to do a search.
  Some search engines will look at this so be descriptive.
  Example: akeyword, akeyword, akeyword, akeyword

About Your Business
  Please add a paragraph or two about your business and what you do.
  Some search engines will look at this so be descriptive.
  Applications left blank here will not be considered.

Please check over your entries and click Submit.

The page will be emailed to ComPortOne for upload. Check the CPO Business Directory in a week to see if you page has been uploaded. If your page does not show up in two weeks, please let us know.

NOTE: CPO reserves the right to determine if your business meets the criteria to be included in ComPortOne's Business Directory and may find it necessary to edit submitted information.